Why MR Wireless Charging for eMicroMobility Vehicles

 Ease of Use

  • 100% automatic charging
    magnetic resonant wireless power receiver automatically starts charging battery when entering transmitter’s charging zone. High positional flexibilities offer compelling user experience for just “park and forget” convenience because there is no need for a precise alignment.

 Reliable and Safe

  • No repeated plug-in or unplug of cables
    no more broken charging cables and damaged power ports due to repeated charging cycles – resulting in much reduced service needs compared to wired charging.
  • No exposed metal contacts
    e-MicroMobility Vehicles operate outdoors mostly where water becomes an issue with any physical electrical contacts, or the contacts may become dirty or corroded – resulting in inconsistent charging and potential shock/spark hazard.
  • No power port
    wireless power receiver has no power port, therefore, it can be hermetically sealed for water/dust proofing – resulting in use in adverse conditions for e-MicroMobility Vehicles.
  • No metal object heating issues
    simple metal objects such as keys, paper clips, coins, etc. that easily heat up in the 85 – 300kHz range when exposed to magnetic field are virtually unseen and don’t heat up at all by the VW8000-based systems operating at 6.78MHz.

150W/15cm solution for Cargo-Bike at the 2022 Eurobike

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