Freedom From Wires Has No Boundaries!

Merits of embedding resonant wireless charging in robots
  • Autonomy
    key enabling factor for autonomous robots to remain autonomous when they decide to maneuver into the charging zone for an automatic wireless recharging/power snacking
  • High successful rate of auto recharging
    with high tolerance of orientational mis-alignment between the transmitter and the receiver,  the robot does NOT need to dock with absolute precision for auto recharging. Instead, the robot, embedded with a receiver, simply approach its transmitter charging base (typically located in the floor or wall) and charging will begin automatically
  • Durability, diversity of user cases and safety
    since there is no external power port, robots can be hermetically sealed for water proofing, dust proofing, etc.  Such added protection from environmental elements means more durability and enables even more user cases and environments in which robots can be deployed.  Futhurmore, since there is no exposed electrical contacts, the possibilities of hazardous use is reduced to minimum
  • AMRs with free navigation capability can arrive from all directions for wireless charging
  • Most AMRs “SLAM” navigation is still challenged to dock with high precision in the XYZ
  • direction which other wireless charging technologies require
  • Magnetic Resonance’s positional freedom in the XYZ direction makes it easy for AMRs
  • arriving from all directions, to get a successful charge autonomously.

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